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1. Review of Design of Multiband Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
   Reena Hiware1,Ashish Zanjade2,Pankaj Salunkhe3
   Mumbai University.
   Page No : 1-4


2. Characterization of Almost (α, µ)-Continuous Functions and its properties
   S. Vijaya Sethu Institute of Technology, Kariyapatti, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India.
   P.Santhi  NPR College of Engineering and Technology, Natham, Dindugul District, Tamil Nadu, India.
   Page No : 5-13 



3. Design and Fabrication of Quadcopter for an Agricultural Application
   Deepika, Jayapriya, Muthulakshmi, Reshma, P.Kaviyarasu
   MAM School of Engineering, Trichy.

   Page No : 14-20


4. CFD Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer from Inverted Trapezoidal Plate Fin Array
   S G Chavan#1, S Y Bhosale*2, H N Deshpande#3
   PES's Modern College of Engineering, Shivaji Nagar, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra.

   Page No : 21-30 


5. Data Mining Research: Opportunities and Challenges
   Dr. S. Prema, Mrs. S. Rajeshwari, Mr. S. Saravanakumar
   Mahendra Engineering college, Namakkal.

    Page No : 31-38 


6 . Radiative Flow of MHD Jeffery Fluid over a Stretching Vertical Surface in a Porous Medium                                 

    D Chenna Kesavaiah
    K G Reddy College of Engineering & Technology,Chilkur (V), Moinabad (M), R R TS, India.

    Page No : 39-53 



7 . Difference Perfect Square Cordial Labeling of Snake Graphs

     Urvisha Vaghela ,Dharamvirsinh parmar

     Research Scholar, C.U.Shah University, Wadhwan ,India

     Page No : 54 -73