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Zeichen Journal

vOLUME 8 ISSUE 1 2022

01. Socio-Economic Condition of Women Sanitary Workers: A Case Study of Delhi

      Payal Vidhuri, Jawaharlal Nehru University

      Page No:01 - 08



02. Socio-Economic Status of Sahariya Tribe and their perspective on Health: A Study of Lalitpur District,

      Uttar Pradesh  

      Anjana Singh Rajpoot, Jawaharlal Nehru University

      Page No: 09- 20



03. Implications of Business Process Management for Product Performance

      Dr. Veena M, Dr. K C Prashanth,VSK University Ballari, India

      Page No:21 - 28



04. Impact of Environmental Factors on Scholastic Achievement of Secondary Students With Reference

      To Ashram Schools of West Bengal

      Swapan Kumar Nag, Dr. Sadhana Pandey, CSJM University, India

      Page No: 29 - 44



05. Designing a Real Time Robust MBLBP Model for Heterogeneous Face Recognition (HFR) System

      in a Multimode Background

      Anupama, Dr A.P.J.Abdul kalam technical university, Lucknow

      Dr.Madhu.H.Gowda, SJB institute of technology Bangalore

      Dr.Mamatha.C.M, CIT North campus, Bangalore

      Page No: 45 - 56



06. Coverage Of Migration Issues In Uzbekistan And Russian Internet Publications: Critical Analysis

      Of Journalist Approaches

      Nodira Zokhitova , Yoqutxon Mamatova , University of Uzbekistan

      Page No: 57 - 76



07. Exploring the Mizo women’s Property and Inheritance Rights

      Lalrinsangi Nghinglova, Government Zirtiri Residential Science College

      K.C. Lalthlamuani, Mizoram University

      Page No: 77 - 83



08. Analyzing the Agro based mobile apps and farmers’ social performance

      Manu Pattar ,  Dr. K. C. Prashanth, Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ballari, Karnataka

      Page No: 84 - 97



09. Perspectives on Quality Teacher Education: A Study on Reflective Teaching Practices and Teaching

      Performance among Pre-service Teachers of Secondary School Level

      Dr.Laveena Reshma D.Sa

      St. Ann’s College of Education(Autonomous),  India

      Page No: 98 - 105



10. Domestic Violence and Role of DV Act in Women Empowerment

      Mohan Joshi , Sage University, Indore

      Page No: 106 - 110



11. Development and Pharmacotechnical Evaluation of An Anti-Hypertensive Adhesive Patches

      Subhan Sab, T. S. Nagaraj, Maruthesh, S. J. M. College of Pharmacy,  Karnataka

      Somanagouda V. Patil, Om College of Pharmacy, Karnataka, India.

      Mallamma T, Jayatheertha S. Lokapur,  Arpitha J. Lokapur, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy, India

      Page No: 111 - 131



12. Psychological Well-Being among College Students

      Preji P Daniel , Dr. J. O. JerydaGnanajane Eljo, Bharathidasan University, India

      Page No: 132 - 143



13. A bibliometric profile of Current Science between - 2016-2020

      Dr. D K Pandey, Rajiv Gandhi University Rono-Hills, Arunachal Pradesh

      Page No: 144 - 154



14. Influence of Different Intensity Strength Training on Speed among Adult Female Students

      Dr. Ashokan. K , , General Education Wing, Government of Kerala, India

      Dr. George Abraham, YMCA College of Physical Education, India.

      Page No: 155- 163



15. Innovations In Waste Management Through IOT (Internet Of Things) -A Review Article

      Sonica Shah, Dr. Ankita Neema, SAGE University, Indore, India.

      Page No: 164- 180



16. Defence Rover

      Chiranjeevi Gowda, BGS Institute of Technology

      Page No: 181- 193